Rosette Becker Ph.D.





1967               B.Sc. and M.Sc.:  Chemistry and Biochemistry:

                        Free University of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium               


1973               Ph.D. in Biophysics: Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel


I drew, painted and sketched since early childhood, but my scientific career and family took over till 2000. I retired from my professional career in 2003.


2000-2004    Studied watercolor, oils and acrylic, Community Center, Rehovot, Israel


2005-2007    Watercolor and oils in Hunakai Studios, Foxborough, MA


2008- 2011   Oils and acrylics with C.E Guay at the Next Door Gallery, Mansfield, MA

2009-2012                President of Sharon Creative Art Association

Paintings sold or commissioned


Lots of my paintings were sold and are in homes and offices locally, nationally and internationally. The largest one, a commissioned triptych is in Washington DC.


2009                           Award of Merit, Attleboro Art Museum